Replica Panerai Radiomir Firenze 3 Days Acciaio 47mm

— Exclusively available at Panerai’s boutique in Florence, this special edition features a superb engraving on the case and movement.


This new special edition, made exclusively for the clients of Panerai’s historic boutique in Florence, pays tribute to the city in which the brand was founded. For the first time, not only is the case finely engraved by hand but the movement too is decorated with typical motifs inspired by the masterpieces of the Tuscan capital.

Every one of the 99 examples of this new, exclusive Special Edition is unique, due to the fact that the work is carried out entirely by hand. As well as the engraving of the case, the new Radiomir Firenze 3 Days Acciaio also presents a new version of the hand-wound P.3000 movement, with a power reserve of three days. The calibre is the P.3000/F version, with the bridges finely laser engraved with Florentine motifs similar to those which decorate the case, and it can be admired through the watch’s transparent back.

Rendant hommage à la ville de Florence, la Radiomir Firenze 3 Days Acciaio 47mm est une édition limitée exclusive de 99 pièces. © Panerai Replica Watches

Like the inlays which adorn the polychrome marble facades of the Florentine churches, the engravings enhance the elegant geometry of the 47 mm brushed steel case, covering the caseband and the winding crown. Among the details of great symbolic significance stands out the Florentine lily, symbol of the Tuscan capital since the end of the 11th century.

On the black dial, enhanced by a lily and a satiné soleil finish which catches and diffuses the light, the name “Firenze” is engraved. As in many of Panerai’s creations, the luminosity of the dial is enhanced by its sandwich structure: the luminous substance which makes it legible at night shines through holes corresponding to the hour markers in the upper of the two superimposed discs which form the dial.

The hand-wound P.3000/F calibre, entirely executed in the replica Panerai Manufacture at Neuchâtel, can be admired through the sapphire porthole at the back of the timepiece. Accurate, solid and reliable, it has two spring barrels which store a power reserve of three days. The wheelwork of the movement is protected by four brushed bridges – all finely engraved – one of which, with two supports, fixes the large balance wheel which oscillates at 21,600 vibrations per hour. The P.3000 calibre also incorporates the useful device which enables the hour hand to be adjusted quickly and accurately forwards or backwards, without interfering with the movement of the minute hand.

The back of the watch. © Fake Panerai Watch

The replica watch is fitted with a strap made in Italy. Brown with contrasting beige stitching, it is impressed with a heat-stamped Florentine lily. The watch is water-resistant to 100 metres.

Officine Panerai Replica Dive into time with the new Luminor Due

— With only the most subtle of modifications to the iconic Luminor 1950 case, the new replica Panerai Luminor Due models drastically slim down the collection.


Officine Panerai Replica is as discreet as the covert navy operatives that were, for many years, its only customers. Large-scale events such as last week’s “Dive into Time” exhibition are as rare as the brand’s limited-edition watches. In fact, the most recent event on a similar scale dates back ten years. But when the brand is about to add a new collection to its limited production, it merits a little pomp.

The prelude to the launch came in the form of the brand’s CEO Angelo Bonati summing up the evolution of Officine Panerai over the past ten years, at one point appearing on stage as a three-dimensional hologram to introduce someone who was better placed to introduce the new collection: himself! The slick 3D video presentation also presented some hard facts on just how far the brand has come in such a short time, the most striking of which being the increase in the average price of its models: from 1900 euros twenty years ago to 8,000 euros today.

At the Dive into Time exhibition held at Florence’s Marino Marini museum, the new Luminor Due models were just one highlight. Visitors had a rare chance to see the sought-after “pre-V” models that have been preserved by Officine Panerai replica watches. The “V” referring to the Vendôme Group, the predecessor of today’s Richemont Group, which acquired the brand in 1997 and put Angelo Bonati in charge of its first watches for sale to the general public. From wrist-worn torches and compasses the company progressed to producing military wristwatches such as the legendary “Egiziano” for the Egyptian navy. A walk through the exhibition transitioned seamlessly to a complete selection of models produced over the past twenty years, culminating in the new, thinner Luminor Due case. A watchmaker was on hand to show off the brand’s in-house calibres that now equip 95% of the collection (target: 100%) and there was even an engraver working on the exclusive engraved cases that adorn models like the Radiomir Firenze.

A watchmaker was on hand at the exhibition show off the brand’s in-house calibres.

Two’s company

The new Luminor Due models continue the trend for thinner cases that has been seen at Officine swiss Panerai over the last couple of years. Neither the diameter nor the design of the case needs attention in Panerai’s case, since it is the very signature of the brand. But the thickness has been known to put off certain customers. The new models are just 10.5mm thick, making them the thinnest Luminor models ever created. They are available in two versions: a 42mm model with the hand-wound P.1000 calibre (PAM00676 in stainless steel for €179 and PAM00677 in red gold for €215) and a 45mm model with the self-winding P.4000 calibre with micro-rotor (PAM00674 in stainless steel for €104 and PAM00675 in red gold for €249). Both have three days of power reserve, an exhibition case back and are water resistant to 30 metres.

Panerai Luminor Due, 45mm, automatic, PAM00674 and PAM00675. © Panerai Replica UK

The Luminor 1950 case on which these new models are based has also been updated and fitted with the new P.9010 self-winding calibre to reduce its thickness and weight. This results in a total of six new Luminor 1950 references: two in a 42mm diameter stainless-steel case (PAM01523 with the white dial and PAM01392 with the black dial for €172) and four in a 44mm case (PAM01499 with the white dial, PAM01312 with the black dial and PAM01359 with a black dial with the individual hour markers like on the white-dial versions, all priced at €173). The black dial models will be available from June, but you will have to wait until September for the white dials. The fourth model is PAM00661 with the Carbotech™ case, which costs €115 and will be available from October. All feature small seconds at 9 o’clock, date at 3 o’clock and 72 hours of power reserve. The 42mm models are water resistant to 100 metres, while the 44mm models are water resistant to 30 metres.

Panerai Luminor 1950, PAM01523, PAM01392, PAM01312, PAM00661. © Replica Panerai Watches

With so much to see, it was a shame that the Dive into Time exhibition was open to the public for just four days, from Wednesday 18th to Saturday 21st May. If you missed it, check out our short video review.

Panerai’s new prowess: the brand unveils a distinctive new replica watch

Panerai’s Due Three Days

Panerai’s Due is just about the most surprising watch launch in the last year. Not because it’s odd or bizarre in any way – quite the opposite – but because it seemed that Panerai had thought better of the idea. To understand the dilemma Panerai faced you need to understand that authenticity is one of the cardinal virtues in replica watches land and for Panerai replica, authenticity means making replica watches that derive form and dimensions from the watches and instruments made for the Italian navy in the mid-20th century. Clearly that’s a slightly artificial construct, but it worked well, giving Panerai a clear and simple story to tell that watch aficionados loved as well as design template that was a model of purity.

Panerai’s Due Three Days is striking in its slimness, a departure for the house

Panerai’s success, following a mid-90’s revival that lead to the brand’s acquisition by Richemont, was phenomenal and helped drive the trend towards larger swiss replica watches that dominated the next decade. Panerai even acquired a base of obsessives – Paneristi – that amplified the authenticity value of what Panerai were up to. Even now that the fashion has shifted to favour small replica watches again, the simplicity of a Radiomir or Luminor is hard to argue against.

However, tastes have changed and watch buyers are favouring smaller replica watches once again and that has meant that replica Panerai needed to act. But the direction of travel has been obvious for a few years and, until now, there was no sign that Panerai were going to respond, except by releasing more 50mm plus archive pieces.

Panerai’s Due Three Days caseback

With the launch of the Luminor Due Three Days, a slimmed down version of the Luminor 1950, Panerai are offering a watch that’s for ”those who want to enjoy the distinctive identity of a fake Panerai watch, while enjoying a different experience on the wrist.” I count myself firmly in that camp. The Luminor Due isn’t exactly petite, it’s still 42mm and 10.5mm high, but that’s easily wearable, particularly as it’s somewhat lighter as a consequence.

A little confusingly, there’s an automatic version that’s 45mm in diameter (3mm makes more difference than you might think), but still thinner (at 10.7mm) than regular models.

With these replica watches it seems that Swiss Panerai have decided that authenticity is a flexible enough concept to allow more normal dimensions. I don’t think they should have worried unduly, people tend to prefer their authenticity leavened with a little comfort and convenience after all.

5 Things to Know About the New replica Panerai PAM 578 Lo Scienziato

Panerai’s most technically awe-inspiring replica watch at this year’s SIHH watch salon is easily the Panerai Luminor “Lo Scienziato” Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT Titanio (Ref. PAM00578), a limited-edition piece combining an ultra-light titanium case, skeletonized movement, GMT complication, and unconventional tourbillon. Here’s what you need to know about the Lo Scienziato.


It is inspired by one of history’s great Tuscan geniuses.

Officine Panerai, now headquartered in Neuchatel, Switzerland, traces its roots to Florence, in Italy’s Tuscany region, where it started out in 1860 as a swiss watchmaker’s shop and school. Replica Panerai instituted the Lo Scienziato collection of skeletonized tourbillon watches in 2010 in honor of Galileo Galilei, the Tuscan-born Renaissance figure who is today regarded as the father of modern science. Along with his numerous accomplishments in the fields of physics, astronomy, mathematics and engineering, Galileo also applied his genius to time-measurement problems, devising a system to calculate longitude at sea using Jupiter’s moons as a celestial clock and doing fundamental work on isochronism. The first Lo Scienziato (“The Scientist” in Italian) replica watches were 48 mm in diameter and had black ceramic Radiomir cases.

A special laser technology is used to make the watch’s lightweight titanium case.

The new Lo Scienziato’s case (in the Luminor style, thus boasting the patented crown-lock lever bridge) measures 47 mm in diameter and is made of titanium, a metal known not only for its high corrosion resistance and hypoallergenic qualities but also for being 40 percent lighter than steel. In making the case, Panerai replica used an innovative technology that enabled it to be even lighter, hollowing it out internally to form a complex geometrical cavity without compromising the material’s solidity, tension-resistance, or water-resistance (to 100 meters’ depth). The process, called Direct Metal Laser Sintering, builds a 3D object layer by layer out of powdered titanium by means of a fiberoptic laser. The layers, each of which is only .02 mm thick, gradually merge to become completely solid and create a uniform surface appearance.


The skeletonized movement is also designed for maximum lightness of weight.

Panerai uses a skeletonized version of its in-house-made P.2005 movement, Caliber P.2005, in the Lo Scienziato. Renamed Caliber P.2005/T, it has plates and bridges made of titanium, like the case. Hence, the density to these components is about half that of brass, the traditional material used to make them, and the result is a movement that is 35 percent lighter than its predecessor, Caliber P.2005/S, which had been used in previous pieces in the cheap Panerai Lo Scienziato collection. Further adding to the overall lightness of the ensemble is the lack of a traditional dial: all the elements that would normally appear on the dial are instead attached directly to either the front of the movement or to the inner flange of the case — such as the hour numerals, small seconds indicator at 9 o’clock, and the second-time-zone and day-night indicator at 3 o’clock.


It has an extra-lengthy power reserve — and an unusual method of displaying it.

caliber P.2005/T is equipped with a six-day (144-hour) power reserve, which is achieved through the use of three spring barrels connected in series. The arc-shaped, pointer-type power reserve indicator is located on the back side of the movement, which is visible through a sapphire caseback. Even better for horological voyeurs, the skeletonization of the movement allows the wearer to witness the winding and unwinding of the springs inside each barrel as well as the interconnected movements of the wheels and the rotation of the tourbillon cage.


The patented tourbillon movement has some nontraditional attributes.

Panerai has patented the tourbillon system in the Lo Scienziato, which is engineered to compensate more precisely for the effects of gravity on the escapement, and thus achieve more accuracy. It does this by having the cage rotate on an axis that is perpendicular rather than parallel to that of the balance. The cage also makes a complete rotation every 30 seconds, rather than once per minute as in more traditional tourbillons.


The replica Panerai Luminor “Lo Scienziato” Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT Titanio – 47 mm comes on an anthracite-colored alligator strap with a titanium buckle that continues the skeletonized theme (below). It is limited to just 150 pieces worldwide and priced at $143.